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ITS Belly Dance is a social dance where every person leads and follows using a codified system of movements with corresponding cues. Dancers learn the foundations of SGI, ATS®, and ITS to develop the non-verbal language that includes a vocabulary with sentence structure to communication with group. Every participant will have the opportunity to lead and follow in this unique American style of dance!
ITS Belly Dance creates strong friendships between women by helping women develop better self-esteem, positive self-image, nonverbal communication skills, and personal identity. ITS Belly Dance is a family friendly dance that encourages people of all ages and body types to participate in a healthy, safe, and joyful activity. As a unique style of American dance ITS meets all five dimensions of wellness, which are physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual wellness. ITS Belly Dance is a language that is portable to anywhere in the world! Anyone can join in the conversation wherever Improv Tribal is found!

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It’s much more than a series of steps...

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