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The nature of this program is unique to all other styles of Belly Dance because children are participating with parents. Babies and children take priority over dancing. Parents must be with children at all times. Children under 15 are not allowed to attend this class without a parent in attendance dancing.

Please do not bring toys because this is not play time. This is a more difficult concept for toddlers and preschoolers because this atmosphere seems like playtime but this is not playtime. This class time is the time to for everyone to learn how to communicate non-verbally through dance. Please do not bring strollers or playpens and limit bulky items such as car seats, carriers, and child chairs.

Children may not run through the room or exit the facility. For safety reasons, children must be escorted by a parent if they leave the room for any reason, including bathroom breaks and water fountain use.

Parents must attend to crying children at all times, even if this is not your normal method of parenting. Your instructor does not want to talk over crying babies or children and participants cannot hear over this.

If your child struggles with the atmosphere ITS Belly Dance, with behavior such as screaming, crying, running, playing or any other behavior outside of listening, learning, and participating then this is not the appropriate program for you at this time. Please consider private lessons, find childcare, or return at later time in the future when your child has developed the patience for this environment.

Children may sit quietly and watch or participate with Mom in dancing. Holding children while dancing gently, safely wearing baby while dancing, asking a fellow classmate to hold baby or hold a toddler hand while dancing, or sitting with baby or toddler while watching and taking notes are all ways parents can incorporate children into the learning atmosphere. Please attend to children to create an environment where all ages can learn.

No food or drink except capped water and breast feeding/baby bottles are allowed in the room, this includes food and drink for children as well. If a child needs to eat or drink, please escort your child to the appropriate area to consume food and drinks. We are all using this space so we are all responsible for cleaning up, breaking down, setting back up, picking up trash, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, wiping down surfaces etc.

If you or your child breaks something, please tell the instructor immediately and replace the item with something that is similar to and of
equal or higher value. Teaching children respect is an important part of ITS Belly Dance education. We appreciate our surroundings so we leave no trace of having been here.

Salem Whalen, and the facilities where classes are held assume no responsibility or liability for the actions or inactions of children or parents. Parents are responsible themselves and for the actions or inactions of their children.

Salem Whalen

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