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Is this like Zumba?  Is this a good workout?

Zumba is a stylized type of aerobics that focuses on elements like cardiovascular fitness, strength and resistance training.  Although ITS Belly Dance and Zumba have similarities, they are not the same.  A similarity between ITS Belly Dance and Zumba is following a leader through a series of choreographed steps.  Zumba steps start simple and progress with intensity in the same format as aerobics. 

A difference between ITS Belly Dance and Zumba is that we practice movements called a vocabulary as a group, and learn cues and signals to go with the vocabulary. Unlike Zumba, everyone in ITS Belly Dance takes turns leading the group (Don’t worry! It’s not that scary! You will learn how to lead over the course of a session!) Once everyone knows the vocabulary and cues of ITS Belly Dance, we dance as a group to slow and fast music. This can lead to a workout like feeling but aerobic training is not the primary goal of ITS Belly Dance.  Although beneficial, fitness from ITS Belly Dance is incidental. 

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