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What are your expectations from the students?

First and Foremost: I expect everyone to be respectful and courteous to each other.  My favorite aspect of this dance is how inclusive it is.  I expect everyone to have a positive attitude!   I expect everyone to try to the best of their abilities and recognize that your best will change from day to day. I expect everyone to read and follow the

Student Code of Ethics
Tribal Code
Student Guidelines
Student Performer Expectations.

These concepts are the foundations of ITS, SGI, and ATS® BellyDance.

ITS Belly Dance Level 1 is an 8 to 16 week course that builds upon the content of the previous week. If you sign up for the course, I expect commitment and dedication to learning and practicing the vocabulary and dance concepts of ITS Belly Dance.

I understand we all have real lives outside of dance classroom and missing a class happens. Something I hear often is, ‘
I’m a good dancer, I’ll be able to catch up.’ The issue with this logic is that in ITS we work on reading each other’s bodies to anticipate what moves comes next. You might be an excellent dancer but no one will know what to expect from you if you have not been practicing with the rest of the class. Our goal is to look like a cohesive unit.

Improvisational style belly dance is not for everyone and I can direct you to the appropriate places to find the style of belly dance that suits you.  Some people prefer learning choreography and working on dance routines to perform to the best of their abilities. If you recognize this about yourself, that’s totally cool, but you might just surprise yourself by trying out ITS Belly Dance! 

If you do not have the opportunity to commit to a session,
Drills and Conditioning for Belly Dance is a better alternative. DnC is drop-friendly so you can come when your schedule allows!

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