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What if I am a plus-size dancer, I have a disability, I am a senior, I am pregnant, I have health issues?

Belly Dance is for everyone! I have taught belly dance people in wheelchairs and to people who use canes and walkers. I have taught people who had surgeries and to pregnant and postpartum women. I have taught goddess sized women, senior women, and I have even taught a few men (my husband knows a majority of the cues and moves - you should see his snake arms!)  I taught up until I was six months pregnant, practiced privately until I gave birth, and taught three months postpartum.

I will try to offer alternatives and variations and make accommodations where and when I can but this dance requires a degree of physical ability.  If you have health concerns, please discuss with your PCM your intentions of taking a belly dance class.  Only you know your physical ability level and only you can push yourself to do better.   You are never required to inform me of any issue you might have. However if you believe that sharing personal information with me will help me cater movements to your body, your personal information will remain confidential.

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