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Chances are I saw you in grocery store, or maybe the Post Office, and I called you over to ask you questions about something you never heard of, right? I asked if you if you had ever heard of Improv Tribal Style or BlackSheep BellyDance or something like that? I told you I was a certified instructor with classes starting sometime this year and then I said you looked like you belonged with us! Sound familiar, right?

So, right about now, you’re probably thinking ‘what is all this?’ Did I give you my card to you so I can sell you some overpriced candles, makeup, or jewelry for a pyramid scheme? Or maybe I’m asking you to drink the Kool-aid? No, no, not at all! I gave you my card because I think you would enjoy ITS Belly Dance and I think you are one of us!
Military life is a unique lifestyle with many challenges, so what does ITS Belly Dance have to do with military life? ITS Belly Dance is a language that you can ‘speak’ with anyone around the world! ITS Belly Dance creates strong friendships between people by helping people develop better self-esteem, positive self-image, and an identity outside of military life. Wherever you find ITS Belly Dance you will have friends and sisters in dance, and this is especially important with the transient nature of the military.

ITS Belly Dancers are a close community of people who often don’t fit in with other kinds of dances or lifestyles. ITS Belly Dancers are often women who have visible tattoos and piercings; they wear dreads, have tried rainbow of hair colors and possibly a mohawk. These are Army wives who shop at farmer’s markets, eat organic, vegan, gluten-free, and plan on starting a off the grid farm once DH is done playing G.I. Joe. Many ITS Belly Dancers wear their babies in slings, cloth diaper, and homeschool their children. But! These are also the same women who value family time, have a strong relationship with a higher power, and teach their children about sacrifice and perseverance in the face of adversity. ITS Belly Dancers are resourceful! These are the women who can sew a patch on a child’s jeans or spouse’s uniform and make a quilted banner hours before a surprise homecoming! These are just some of the unique qualities I have found in the women who have attended my classes!

I hope ITS Belly Dance sounds like something you are interested in! Please ake a look around on my website and contact me if you have questions. You have my information so please friend request me, like my page, email me, or call me! I hope to gain your friendship and to see you in class!

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